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No desire for needles and heavy lugging? The sustainable alternative made of recycled corrugated cardboard is handy, light and stylish. Our tree gives you a contemplative Christmas without a guilty conscience.


H: 1705 mm x B: 1070 mm x T: 1070 mm


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assembly instructions

You don't have to throw me out of the window


    Höhe 72 cm


    Höhe 115 cm


    Höhe 170 cm

Creativity has no limits

Switch our Christmas tree according to your ideas. Whether classic or bundle painted, on the trees ready go!

Drei verschiedene Varianten

Der kleine ist für jeden, der nicht viel Platz hat, aber trotzdem nicht auf einen nachhaltigen Weihnachtsbaum verzichten will. Dan haben wir den Mittleren, groß genug um auf dem Boden zu stehen, aber auch klein genug für den Beistelltisch.

Oder soll es doch der Große werden?

Simple structure

Punch out and snap together, our system is a snap to assemble in five minutes.

A jewel for any store

Our Christmas tree pimps your store. Watering and picking up needles are now the ghosts of old Christmas.

Corrugated cardboard tree

A sustainable yet long-lasting Christmas tree. When you no longer need the tree, simply dispose of it in the waste paper.

The ornament to the tree

Our pendants are simple and can be freely designed at home. Fun for the whole family.

To the trailers

Recyclable and durable

As with all our systems, each part can be replaced. For example, the table top can be printed differently for each event and the rest of the counter can be reused. The same applies to damage. Thus, the exhibition stand is environmentally friendly and durable at the same time.