A small manufactory near Würzburg.

We are a young brand and create furniture from cardboard. In 2022 we have turned the vision (to build cardboard furniture) into reality.
reality. We design, develop and produce in our manufactory in Waldbüttelbrunn. Here, the durability and flexibility of the furniture is close to our heart.
Wir sind Boardy7000 und stehe für Nachhaltigkeit und Stabilität. Zudem machen wir kundenspezifische Sonderanfertigungen. BRDY7000

With years of experience in cardboard manufacturing, we have the knack of working with cardboard. We are specialists for commercial purposes such as exhibition stand construction, offices and stores. We source our raw material, which is partly recycled material, exclusively from Europe. Paper is considered one of the oldest materials in the world. It absorbs humidity and releases it again, thus having a regulating effect on the indoor climate. The sound-absorbing properties and pleasantly soft surface lead to a feel-good environment, especially in offices.
Honeycomb panels made of cardboard are light with a weight per unit area of approx. 1.2 kg/sqm (at 10mm thickness) and yet extremely stable.
The possible surface pressure per square meter is several tons.

A perfect material for durable, sustainable and simply good-looking furniture. At the end of its life cycle, the material can be fully recycled.

We look forward to realizing your next project with you and are ready for new challenges.