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The exhibition counter is a perfect companion for any situation. Whether as a trade show booth, as a presentation table with printing for an event or as a compact DJ booth, it makes no difference there and copes with any situation. Thanks to the coated table surface, it is also water repellent.


H: 910 mm x B: 640 mm x T: 340 mm
H: 955 mm x B: 600 mm T: 50 mm
H: 910 mm x B: 940 mm x T: 340 mm
H: 955 mm x B: 900 mm T: 62 mm


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assembly instructions

As a trade fair counter

A sustainable yet long-lasting companion.

A real eye catcher

With such a stand, people's interest is guaranteed.

To the exhibition walls

Two sizes

The exhibition counter is available in two different sizes. Our small (top) is 60cm wide and the big brother (bottom) is 90cm wide.

Our materials

Each product can be ordered in the materials shown here.

Wir sind Boardy7000 und stehe für Nachhaltigkeit und Stabilität. Zudem machen wir kundenspezifische Sonderanfertigungen. BRDY7000

Water repellent

The counter top is covered with a water-repellent layer, so that even small escalations are not a problem.