A small factory near Würzburg

We are a young brand and create cardboard furniture. In 2022 we turned the vision (to build cardboard furniture) into reality. We design, develop and produce in our manufactory in Waldbüttelbrunn. The longevity and flexibility of the furniture is important to us.

Through years of experience in the field of cardboard manufacturing, we have the knack of handling cardboard.

We are specialists for commercial purposes such as trade fair construction, offices and shops.

We obtain our raw material, which partly consists of recycled material, exclusively from Europe.

Paper is considered to be one of the oldest materials in the world. It absorbs humidity from the air, releases it again and thus has a regulating effect on the room climate. The sound-insulating properties and pleasantly soft surface create a feel-good environment, especially in offices.

Cardboard honeycomb panels are light with a surface weight of approx. 1.2 kg/sqm (with a thickness of 10mm) and are extremely stable. The possible surface pressure per square meter is several tons.

A perfect material for durable, sustainable and simply good-looking furniture.

At the end of its life cycle, the material can be fully recycled.